Service Timer

Service Timer 2.0

A smart assistant for administrator to control services or run program on time
2.0.0 (See all)

Service Timer is a small, fast, reliable and easy to use tool for administrators to make his daily work more easier. It can control all services in your LAN, run service or programs in your LAN on time, and needn't to login logout one by one computer!
It don't need domain server or Active Directory, you can work easily in working group just like in domain.
It is designed to help reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce errors!
It's the helpful tool for the administrators who have a lots of managed hosts.
It's useful when you have more services or programs to manage in the local intranet or in the equipment room, even without domain server and active directory.

Service Timer is for those who need to:
* manage services or programs in several computers in the LAN.
* start, stop, restart services in the LAN frequently.
* start, stop, restart services in the LAN on time.
* run programs on the computers in the LAN on time and control them on one computer.
* to open remote service folder easily.

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